Wednesday, October 9 – Thursday, October 10

Definite progress!

It’s funny how progress or advancement sometimes goes.  After being at the same level for an extended period, all of a sudden there’s fairly rapid improvement.   And so it goes with my hot yoga.  I’ve been doing it for several months now, and while I’ve steadily gotten better most of the improvements have been rather modest.  Until recently.  It’s now become evident that I’m doing much better at a rapid pace, with Wednesday’s session being the third in a row in which this has been the case.  It’s not just my impression, the instructor mentioned it to me too.  I can’t really explain why this has happened, and I’m realistic enough to know that the pace will slow down at some point, but it’s something nice to experience.

Thursday was another good day, as my gym session went very well.  As the dip belt seems to have vanished for good, I had to stick with bodyweight dips, but 6 x 10 is a decent number even without added weight.  Then it was off to cable rows, and I did 4 x 8 on each arm with the resistance level set at 12 out of 16.  Last time I managed only one of the four sets at 12, the others being at all, and figured the next session I could do two at 12.  Instead I did all four.  I finished off with my medicine ball exercise, 5 x 10 with the 20-pound ball.

There’s not much noteworthy to say about work.  Wednesday’s worksite was to the east, I was going against the flow of traffic, while on Thursday I had surprisingly light traffic on my way to Exit 57.  Dunno where everyone was … actually I do, I had left about 15 minutes earlier than usual and that must have been just enough to miss the worst of the rush.  Work itself was very easy, next week should be the same way, in fact I was able to get a head start on some assignments that won’t actually be coming up for two more weeks.

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