Monday, October 28 – Wednesday, October 30

Last reroute, rowing fun, and a better session

Monday was yet another re-routing to a different worksite.  This one came via text from my district manager, at 5:39 am.  She must keep very early hours 🙂  Despite the early notice, I wasn’t about to complain given that the worksite is literally less than five minutes away.   Granted, it would have been nicer had the normal worksite been far away, but in fact it’s only about 20 minutes.  I had a decent enough day, getting quite a bit accomplished.

At one point during the day, while taking a short coffee break, I engaged in a bit of idle musing.  Even though I do not earn a fortune at my job, when I put in my time each day I get paid.  Do the work, get the money.  While that may seem obvious, it was not that way, not remotely so, when I was enmeshed in the straight-commission life insurance pyramid scam.  Back then I had no guarantee whatsoever that I would earn anything for a day’s work no matter how hard and how long I worked.  It all depended on the fickleness of customers.  I cannot believe I let myself get caught up in that scam and pity those people who fall for it.  And believe me, people fall for it all the time, thanks to incredibly persuasive recruiters and good old-fashioned greed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were back to my normal worksite rotation.  Tuesday was the site north of me, getting to which involves travel on local roads – which today translated as “local roads on which all the lights were red.”  I made it by 8, with barely a minute to spare.  Wednesday’s site was about five miles to the west, once again via a road with a quadrillion red lights.  This time I left in plenty of time and got to the site with time to spare.  Work both days was pretty routine.

Gym: I decided to get back to using the rowing machine that I had used for a while a couple of months ago.  It offers a combination of strength and aerobic exercise not found in many other places.  On both Monday and Tuesday I did 15 minutes, with Tuesday’s pace being faster.  According to the machine’s distance display I covered just under 3km on Monday and about 3.1km on Tuesday.  Monday I also did one-arm dumbbell rows, 5 x 8 x 100/100.  On Tuesday, in addition to rowing, I did dips, 5 x 10 x bodyweight, and some machine flies, 3 x 8 at resistance level 10 out of 18.  Flies are a fairly minor exercise, in the grand scheme of things, but they’re useful as an auxiliary upper-body exercise in addition to bench presses or dips.  I will say they were a bit painful, with my pecs feeling like they were being torn in half, but that could just be my unfamiliarity with the exercise.

Wednesday was hot yoga, with an emphasis on “hot.”  When I entered the studio about 20 minutes before the session it was like walking into a wall of heat.  The thermometer read 105 degrees, as opposed to the usual 100 or 101.  That may seem insignificant, but at such high temperatures an extra few degrees can make a big difference.  Even so, I had a better-than-expected session, making it through the entire 90 minutes without ever having to rest.  It’s possible that I might be going to yoga more frequently.  Before the session the yoga center’s owner told me that I was at the stage where I would benefit from going twice a week.  She recommended a somewhat slower-paced session on Saturday afternoons as a good second session.  I’m not entirely sure whether I could accommodate two weekly sessions without interfering too much with my gym-going, but it’s worth trying.  If it’s too much I can always scale back to just my Wednesday session.


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