Saturday, November 2 – Sunday, November 3

For once I actually made it to the gym both days.  On Saturday I did one-arm dumbbell rows, but moved up to the 105’s from the 100’s.  I did 5 x 8 x 105/105, and can’t say that the extra weight required much extra effort.  110’s, coming up.

Before going on Sunday I decided that even though I haven’t quite hit the maximum on the leg press machine, it was time to leave it behind and move on to either squats or trap bar deadlifts.  As I was driving to the gym I still hadn’t decided which one.  It turned out that there wasn’t any choice because someone else was using the trap bar.  So for the first time in too long, I headed off to the squat rack.  As it had been so long I figured it would be better to start light.  I ended up doing a total of 30 reps: 6 x 185, 6 x 205, 6 x 225, 6 x 235, 6 x 245.  Next time I should be able to start at 225.  One nice thing about this gym compared to the old one is that the mirrors in front of the squat racks go all the way down to the floor.  This made it possible for me to check my depth, and make sure that I went low enough.  After the squats I did more medicine ball work, 5 x 10, as always with the 20-pounder.

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