Monday, November 4 – Wednesday, November 6

Just suck it up

Monday was quite the change of pace for me.  I headed off to the county seat in Riverhead for jury service, having already postponed my appearance once as the law allows.  There was a bit of confusion, as for some reason I thought I was supposed to report at the criminal court building at the main county office complex.  Indeed, there were many – at least a couple hundred – people trooping into the juror’s entrance.  I found soon enough that I was in the wrong place.  All these people had been reporting for grand jury service.  I had to go to the old courthouse in downtown Riverhead, which I didn’t even realize was still in use.  It turned out there was a newer annex to the rear of the old, scaffolding-covered main building.

There weren’t anywhere near as many people in this jury room.  We got to watch a video explaining jury service, or should I say listen to the video as there was no picture on the monitor.  Once that was done I settled in for what could possibly be a long wait. As there was free WiFi service I decided to do some web surfing on my phone.  Surprisingly, when I went a completely innocuous site (Hit Coffee, on my blogroll) I got a message that it was being blocked as an “improper” site.   Of course I immediately had the idea of going to as many bad websites as I could think of and seeing which ones were blocked.  Suffice to say that the blocking software is rather inconsistent.

After about 90 minutes I was called into a smaller room with about 15 other people to be questioned by the lawyers in a specific case.  There were three of them, representing different parties.  From what they said to the group and from the questions they were asking, I figured out what the case involved: two 11- or 12-year-old boys were horsing around in school, wrestling with each other, and one of them suffered an arm injury.  I asked to speak to the lawyers privately, which they had told us was an option, and explained, politely but firmly, that the whole idea of this lawsuit was ridiculous.  So the kid hurt his arm wrestling with another kid? Suck it up, and learn from the experience.  Suing the other kid and the school district is pathetic and shows why America’s legal system is the laughingstock of the civilized world.

Needless to say, I wasn’t selected for the jury.  I thought I’d have to return to the jury room and wait to be called again, but I was excused from further service.  As it was just about noon, I was able to put in a couple of hours work.  No gym in the evening, as I was just too worn out.

Tuesday was a fairly routine workday, at the site about 15 miles away off the Sunrise Highway.  There was a bit of traffic getting there, but nothing too out of the ordinary.  The particular task that I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks is actually a bit challenging, which I’m pleased about.  Challenge can be fun.  On Wednesday, I headed back to Riverhead, though the jobsite is a bit of a distance from the courthouses.  This wasn’t a routine day, as some big bosses from the main office in Pennsylvania were doing an inspection tour of worksites.  I had never met any of the three in person before, though I have spoken to one on the telephone a few times.  One thing I learned is that the particular group with which I work is a “farm team” (to use one of the boss’s terms) for people being considered for promotion to management.  I was quite pleased to hear that, as you might guess.  One more immediate thing is that I had a chance to discuss a possible raise, and have reason to believe one may be forthcoming soon.

Wednesday’s hot yoga also went very well.  I made it through the session without needing to rest, and I did better on the balancing poses than I’ve ever done.  My flexibility is still a work in progress, I doubt I’ll ever be as limber as many other people, but that’s to be expected given that I have a fair degree of muscular development.  One thing I’ll say is that the studio was at 98 degrees when I entered, about five or six degrees less than usual, and the difference was immediately apparent.

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