Thursday, November 7 – Friday, November 8

It was fixed, but I wasn’t

Thursday’s worksite was the one located several miles to the north of Exit 57.  I’m more likely to encounter the heaviest traffic getting to it, out of all the seven sites on my current rotation.  Today I was fairly lucky, as traffic wasn’t particularly bad.  Getting through the workday was a bit of a challenge, however, as for some reason the bottom of my left foot was painful.  It had started during the day on Wednesday and probably got exacerbated by the evening’s yoga.  If I had a desk job it wouldn’t be much of an issue, but I’m on my feet all day.  Still, I made it through the day more or less okay, though I encountered some rather nasty traffic on the way home. It was raining by then, which never helps.

When I went to the gym on Thursday evening I saw that the rowing machine had been repaired.  Unfortunately, with my sore foot it would have been way too painful to use it.  I still managed to have a decent upper-body session.  Dips: 5 x 10 x bodyweight.  Machine flies: 4 x8 at resistance level 9 of 18.  I also did my medicine ball exercise, 5 x 10 with the 20-pound ball, and tried to keep up a faster pace than usual.  One thing I’ll say about the machine flies, indeed about flies in general, is that they are among the toughest of the isolation exercises, at least in my experience.  They can be downright painful.

Friday I thought that a work assignment would become available, but that didn’t happen.  I ended up doing some errands, including getting a new battery in my car key transponder .  Pep Boys didn’t have the right size in stock so I went to the Subaru dealer.  The man at the parts counter pried open the two halves of the transponder and looked surprised.  He asked me if I had a dog.  It turned out that the inside was clotted with cat hair.  Don’t ask me how it could have gotten in there, especially since I always keep the keys in my pocket.  All  I could think about was all the cat hair I must be inhaling.

I went to the gym late on Friday for some back work.  I did one-arm dumbbell rows, 4 x 8 x 105/105.  For some reason my grip was not as strong as it should have been, especially with my left hand, but I made it through all the sets.  I finished by doing some rows on the moveable-seat machine I had used a couple of months ago, 2 x 8 at the maximum resistance level.

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