Wednesday, November 20 – Friday, November 22

Return to hot yoga

After missing last week’s session due to being sick I was eager to get back to hot yoga on Wednesday. While I didn’t think that missing one week would result in any significant setback, nonetheless I had a bit of concern.  Both the studio owner and the instructor had noticed my absence last week and tut-tutted appropriately when I told them I’d been sick.  Hey, that was a nice ego boost, what can I say?
As for the session itself, it went quite well if not perfectly.  My flexibility wasn’t quite where it had been last time, but if my balance had suffered I didn’t notice it.  One thing I did notice was that the heat seemed a bit more oppressive than usual.  While that could be attributable to my having missed a week, a more likely explanation is that my T-shirt was thicker than the ones I usually wear.  Have to watch that next time.

I had other things to do on Thursday evening, but on Friday I finally made it to the gym.  First time in 12 days, believe it or not.  What I decided is that for the next few weeks I’m going to concentrate on aerobic exercises rather than weights.  This doesn’t mean I won’t do weights at all, just that they won’t be my emphasis for a while.  Accordingly, I did 12 minutes on the rowing machine, followed by 15 minutes on the stationary cycle.  I kept up a good pace on both of them and had the cycle at a mid-range resistance level.

Work on Wednesday and Thursday was pretty easy.  It’s part and parcel of the year-end slowdown, before things get much busier after the first of the year.  Wednesday’s location was 15 miles to the east, so no traffic issues, and while Thursday’s site was off of Exit 57 on the Expressway the morning traffic flow was generally quite light.  That I can’t explain.

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