Wednesday, December 4 – Thursday, December 5

Now that was a struggle

Another semi-hectic workday on Wednesday, though not quite as bad as the two prior days.  I had some help on the tasks I had to do, which made things considerably easier.  For the most part I work alone, but from time to time as part of a small group.  Wednesday was one of those times.  Thursday was actually a fairly light day.  I was able to finish up most of my day’s work within a few hours and then got caught up on some things I had planned to do next week.

Wednesday evening was hot yoga, for the first time in two weeks given that I’d missed last week’s session due to our early Thanksgiving celebration.  I’ll have to say that it was a pretty tough adjustment.  There were a few points during the session when I thought I was going to drop right in my tracks.  I didn’t, of course, but it was a close call.  What made the session so tough was not just my having missed a week, but also the fact that the yoga center’s owner ran the session.  She is a very good instructor, but is also quite the taskmaster.  At one point, during the “Warrior Pose,” she physically pushed one of my feet into a position where I’d never thought it had one chance in a million of going.  It went.  Somehow.

On Thursday I went to the gym for back work.  Given that I’m doing different stuff I decided to concentrate on that old standby, neutral-grip pullups.  I haven’t done them in quite some time, and needless to say it wasn’t easy: 6 x 3, 4 x 2.  I also used the Hammer Strength seated row, 4 x 6 x 180.

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