Thursday, December 12 – Friday, December 13

Why, I never realized it at all

Thursday was my last day at work until early January, courtesy of the end-of-year break.  One thing I found out is that some of my worksites might be different when I start again next month.  It’s not yet certain.  What happened is that my company employs some people in the area who work on a different project line, and the customer for which they performed this work has decided to cancel the project.  My company is shuffling around worksite assignments so it can keep these people working.  I’d say that’s a very good thing, and very unusual today.  Most employers would say “Sorry, here’s your pink slip” in these circumstances.
As may be befitting the last workday in three weeks, Thursday was a busy day, one of the busier I’ve had in a while.  Many loose ends to be tied up, that sort of thing. For some reason I was completely exhausted by the end of the day.  That would have been an issue had I been planning on going to the gym in the evening, but my sore left shoulder was still bothering me, and I wanted to rest it for another day or two.

I keep talking about “work,” but of course these days that has to be qualified as I’m now working two jobs.  On Friday afternoon I went into my second job, once again doing computer-based training.  Some of the things I’ve been learning in this training are completely new to me, but so far I’m making progress through the online curriculum without any real difficulty.  About the only bad thing is that the training room in which the computer terminals are located is at a temperature not much above your typical walk-in refrigeration unit.  Hey, it keeps me alert.

Oh, Friday was, of course, Friday the 13th.  Don’t ask me why, but I didn’t become aware of that fact until something like 11 at night, when the day was almost over.

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