Saturday, December 14 – Sunday, December 15

Nice gym session on Saturday.  While I’m not big into goal-setting, preferring to take sessions as they come, so to speak, I’ve made an exception: I am going to try to master neutral grip pull-ups, by which I mean the ability to do (1) a single set of ten and (2) a total of at least 40 per session. It should be something reasonably in sight. Accordingly, I centered this session around pull-ups, doing 4 x 3, 3 x 3.  Partway there.  I also did some various machine work: Hammer Strength shoulder presses, 3 x 8 x 110/110; Life Fitness flies, 4 x 6 x resistance level 11/16; and Hammer Strength rows, 3 x 8 x 175.  I’m actually looking forward to doing a whole lot more pull-ups.

Sunday was another day at the new job, and once again I did online training for the whole 4-hour shift.  I have about another 90 minutes to go.  Once I’ve completed this initial training I’ll be doing on-the-job training, though as times goes on there’ll be more online training too.  In the evening I went to the Buddhist meditation at the yoga center.

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  1. So you made it back to the gym after the shoulder problems? Good.

    Neutral grip is my favorite pull-up.

    I think you’ll reach that goal of 40 reps if you break the sets up. Do 10, then do some “push” sets like bench or shoulder press then come back and do more pull-ups.

    Arnold used to break it up. He’d do a set or two of bench and some pull-ups in between. Push/pull combo is great and realistic.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, it is hard to do too many pull-up sets in a row, so doing something else in between should help.

  3. btw, LLL = LuchAAA from Subchat if you did not know. Right now I’m going to do cardio sprints at the park. Doing some “periodization” then hitting the weights again in January.

    Over the summer I did a DL based program. It was DL’s 2x week and bench or dips.

    Day 1 5-8 sets of 5 reps of DL and 5 sets 5 reps of bench or dips

    Day 2 same

    I actually went down a pants size after 10 weeks.

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