Wednesday, December 25 – Friday, December 27

Getting into the swing of things

Christmas Day was, well, Christmas, with all that entails.  We had a pretty decent baked ham for dinner, and under the tree for me was a Kindle.  It is much better to use than the Kindle app on my phone.  What’s even better is that I was able to transfer all the files on my phone’s app to the new device with no trouble at all.  It definitely will be getting ample use.

I went into work at the Major Home Improvement Chain on Thursday afternoon.  For the first time, after a couple weeks spent training and observing, I actually did the sort of tasks I’ll be doing, still under supervision.  So far so good, I’d say I’m getting the hang of it, though there’s still a bit of a learning curve with respect to the handheld device I use in the process.  Not that it’s difficult, it’s just that the device uses a proprietary interface that I’ve never encountered before.  In between doing these tasks I was doing more product-knowledge online training, delving into the intricacies of plywood and drywall.

Being somewhat bored during the day on Friday, I decided to visit the Nassau County Art Museum, which is very highly regarded.  It’s housed in a restored mansion near the Roslyn Viaduct and features an outdoor sculpture display.  I spent some time checking out the sculptures, though it was quite cold out and I didn’t end up seeing them all.  In the museum itself, there was a big (100+ paintings) exhibition by hippie artist Peter Max.  The paintings covered a period of over 45 years, from the late 1960’s until today.  For a moment, just a moment, I thought I’d been magically transported back to Woodstock or the Summer of Love.  It was hard not to flash the peace sign to other patrons, you know? Anyway, it was a very interesting exhibit, well worth the ten dollars admission.

On Friday evening I went to the gym for the first time in too long.  Normally, the gym’s very quiet on Friday evenings.  Not today.  Both of the flat bench stations were taken, as was the pull-up station I usually use.  Rather than wait around for things to free up I decided to do some machine-based exercises.  I started with Hammer Strength shoulder presses, 5 x 5 x 110/110, though I actually did the second set at 120/120.  Then I did a lot of machine flies, 7 x 6 at resistance level 11 of 18.

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