Saturday, December 28 – Sunday, December 29

Saturday was my first eight-hour day at the Major Home Improvement Center, and what a day it was.  Having already done some order-fulfillment work under supervision, I now had the chance to do some all by my lonesome.  The hardest part of the work is not pulling the orders themselves, but entering the tasks into the computer system.  It’s done via a handheld device using a proprietary interface and therefore was pretty much unfamiliar. Still, I started getting the hang of it.

The hardest part of the workday, in a physical sense, was when along with three other people I moved all the unsold Christmas trees from the corrals where they had been stocked into a pile for later pickup and mulching.  It seemed as if the largest and heaviest trees were the ones that had remained unsold.  Once that was done, we had to break down the corrals (made of pallets stood on end and connected by long boards) and pile up the wood.  It was dirty and somewhat risky work, nails sticking up everywhere, but it had to be done.  Later in the day, I got trained in operating the saws in the lumber department, as I’ll be assigned to that department from time to time.

I wasn’t working on Sunday.  Yes, I know, I should have taken advantage of the opportunity to go to the gym, but I was too lazy.  In the evening I went to the Buddhist meditation session at the yoga center, it was a different session than usual because there was more back-and-forth during the teaching section.

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