Wednesday, January 8 – Friday, January 10

Good pain/bad pain

Wednesday was definitely the best day out of these three.  Which definitely isn’t saying much.  I was at a worksite about 15 minutes to the east, and like always it was no trouble getting there.  On my way in I was figuring that it would be an easier workday than Monday or Tuesday had been, based on the nature of the worksite, but to my surprise it actually proved to be slightly more difficult.  Nothing too bad, not enough to keep me there after my normal quitting time, but surprising nonetheless.

Thursday was a very tough day.  I was scheduled to work at my regular job until 3:30, and then at the Major Home Improvement Retailer from 4 to 9.  Naturally enough, the regular job’s worksite was the busiest of the seven on my regular rotation, and despite taking only a couple very short breaks I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish by 3:30.  I did, but then I had a drive of about ten miles along a very busy road to get to the second job.  Of course it seemed like all the traffic lights were red.  The drive took just under 30 minutes, which would work out to a blazing average speed of 20 mph.

I made it to the second job just in the nick of time.  Unlike the first one, there’s a time clock.  After having worked like crazy at the first job, I figured that my five hours at the Major Home Improvement Retailer would be easy.  They weren’t.  Along with a few other people I had to help move some very heavy items in the outside storage area, including cement blocks, 94-pound bags of concrete mix, 60-pound bags of fertilizer, you name it.  By the time 9 rolled around I was barely able to stand upright.

At least Friday was a day off.  It would have been really tough to handle another long workday.  After doing not much of anything during the day, I went to the gym in the early evening.  My main goal was to do as many pull-ups as possible, and I decided to try ten sets of four each.  The first set was fine, the first three reps of the second set too, and then on the final rep something very strange happened in my left elbow, yes the elbow that’s been bothering me for a while.  It sounded like a muscle tearing, but there wasn’t enough pain for that to have happened.  More likely it was a bad muscle strain.  Of course I immediately stopped the pull-ups, and I’m not going to do any upper-body work for quite some time just to be safe.  I still was able to salvage something out of the session, doing leg presses on the moveable-seat machine I’ve been using occasionally: 8 x 350, 8 x 370, 8 x 390, 8 x 410, 8 x 430, 8 x 450.

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  1. Hope the elbow is better. I find DL’s will give your entire upper-body some pump, and does not require elbow flexion. I’m in week three of the 5×5 plan. Three weeks to go before I switch it up

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