Wednesday, January 15 – Friday, January 17

Two-for-one in two ways

Work was pretty easy on both Wednesday and Thursday.  As is the case every other week I spent two days at the same worksite. Because the amount of work isn’t much more than at a single-day worksite it made for a decent break from the usual pace.  Even nicer, this site is only about ten minutes away, and getting there doesn’t usually involve dealing with significant traffic.

After I finished up on Wednesday, I decided to be a bit daring and went to hot yoga even though I’d already been there on Monday.  Never before in my 6+ months of hot yoga have I gone twice in one week. I suppose what inspired me is that I’m still unwilling to do upper-body work at the gym given my recent elbow injury.  Whatever the case, the yoga session went well.  My balance was better than it had been on Monday, though my flexibility seemed about the same, however best of all I didn’t have to take any breaks during the session.  I’m not saying that going twice a week would be a regular thing, but it was good to know that I can do it.

Thursday was another two-in-one day, though in a different context: after I finished my regular work in the mid-afternoon, I went to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for a five-hour shift.  Earlier in the day I had started coughing and experiencing some aches and pains.  Could it be the onset of the flu? I was certainly hoping that it wasn’t, and also hoping that my shift wouldn’t be too physically demanding.  Fortunately it was busy but not too hard, though less fortunately my cough kept getting worse and worse.

By Friday there was no doubt whatsoever. I definitely had the flu, with near-constant coughing and all sorts of body aches.  Oh, just wonderful. I did next to nothing during the day, though in the evening I went to the meditation center in Huntington for a regular Friday evening meditation and reception.  By then my coughing had subsided, so it wouldn’t be disruptive to the session.  I’m glad I went, as the meditation was very helpful and afterwards there was some interesting conversation.

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