Tuesday, January 21 – Wednesday, January 22

Semi-snow day

Tuesday’s worksite was about ten miles to the west of me, right off the Sunrise Highway.  As I was driving into work, dealing with some moderately troublesome traffic, the weather forecasts were predicting a storm with about 8 to 10 inches of snow, starting in the middle of the day and possibly affecting evening rush hour.  That didn’t matter much to me, as I’m usually finished with the workday by 3:30 at the latest.  To pretty much everyone’s surprise, the snow started earlier than predicted.  It was snowing by 8 and coming down heavily within an hour or so.

Not long afterwards I got the word that the company for whom I was performing my services (not my actual employer) wanted everything finished up by noon.  I was happy, for while I don’t really mind driving in snow I figured that the later I waited the more and more crowded the roads would be.  While I wasn’t quite able to make the noon deadline, I was done not too long afterwards.  It still took me over an hour to get back, because traffic was extremely heavy almost everywhere.  Rush hour was in full swing at 1:30 what with so many people getting out early.

I wasn’t sure if Wednesday’s work would be on, but early in the morning I found out that it would be held as usual, with a start time one hour later than normal.  It was at the worksite 15 miles to the east, near the very end of the Expressway, which is always a pretty easy drive.  Despite some snowy patches, which limited my speed to about 40, it was still no real trouble.  Traffic was much lighter than usual.  My workday went fine, though my plans to go to the gym didn’t come to pass as I was still not quite physically ready.  This flu is really lingering.

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