Tuesday, February 11 – Wednesday, February 12

Double dose of brutal

Tuesday was the easier of these two days.  Which is saying pretty much nothing, to be precise.  Oh, taken on its own Tuesday was a fairly slow-paced day, being at a workplace to the north of me that’s just about easiest one on my cycle.  No traffic issues, and I was done in the early afternoon. I considered making another gym trip, but did some errands instead.

Wednesday was bad coming and going.  Although the worksite was very close by, it was one of those workdays when just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Being extremely busy is okay, dealing with multiple frustrations can be okay too or at least tolerable, but being extremely busy and having to deal with a nonstop array of frustrations, well that’s another story entirely. By the time I was finished with work I was utterly ground down and was looking forward to the evening’s yoga session.  That should be an excellent way to de-stress, right?

Think again.  The yoga instructor, with whom I’ve had many sessions, was in a particularly energetic mood this evening.  At least that’s the most likely explanation for the way she drove everyone to the brink of collapse, or so it seemed.  She really really pushed us, and even seemed to call fewer breaks than usual.  The woman next to me, whom I haven’t seen before, looked to be on the verge of collapse at several points and finally had to leave the room before session’s end.  Somehow I made it through, but it wasn’t easy.

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