Tuesday, February 18 – Wednesday, February 19

Made it all the way through

Tuesday was a fairly hectic workday but nothing at all like Monday’s insanity.  And that’s something for which I’m extremely thankful.   Working as I do in two relative low-stress jobs, I’m no longer accustomed to the rat race.  Getting to Tuesday’s worksite, off the Sunrise Highway, was actually a slight bit challenging as it was snowing (yet again!) in the morning, resulting in some rather slow traffic.  By the time I left for the day driving was fine.  I had been planning to go to the gym in the evening, but by 6pm my energy level was dropping like the proverbial stone.

Wednesday was about the same as Tuesday in terms of work intensity, maybe a shade easier. It was at the easy-to-reach location near the eastern end of the Long Island Expressway. As I was going against the flow of traffic both ways I had a very easy time getting there and back.  Not long thereafter, I headed off to hot yoga.  I had some concerns as to how I’d do, as like the day before my energy level wasn’t particularly high.  And of course I knew the temperature in the room WOULD be high! Would I be able to make it through the entire 90 minutes without having to lie on the mat and rest?

My fears proved unfounded.  Even though my balance on some of the one-legged positions left a bit to be desired, I somehow drew on energy reserves and kept up the pace for the whole session.  Admittedly, the studio owner was leading the session, and she’s generally a bit slower-paced than the usual Wednesday instructor.  She’s also very much a hands-on type, and on two occasions pushed me into stretches I didn’t think physically possible.  I’m very glad I went.

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