Monday, February 24 – Tuesday, February 25


I almost didn’t go to the gym on Monday. Having failed to go on Saturday, missing Monday would’ve been a real setback.  The thing is, I had a very tough day at work on Monday, getting more done single-handedly than I would have thought possible.  To get it all done I had to take only a couple of very short breaks and stayed an hour after my usual quitting time.  About the only good thing is that the worksite was fairly close-by with no traffic issues.  Still, I was beat.

Around 7:30, however, my conscience got the best of me and I shambled my exhausted self off to the gym.  It was crowded, as is usual for a Monday, but as I was loading weights on the squat machine I noticed that one of the squat racks was free.  Could I do it? I did.  I went to the rack, loaded the bar, and for the first time in months did some real squats.

Lest there be any misunderstanding, we’re not talking about world-class amounts.  In fact, my weights were distinctly mediocre, which makes sense given that it was my first time in way too long. Just to get accustomed to the exercise I started out at 6 x 135, then moved up to 6 x 185, and finally 3 x 6 x 225. By the last set it didn’t seem as awkward as the first couple sets had been. I also did my best to get sufficient depth on all the reps, which is a very important thing to do in order to get the best value out of squats.  My goal is to move up steadily but slowly, eventually getting back to multiple reps at 315+ as I’ve done in the past.

Tuesday was a much easier workday.  I did the same type of work as on Monday, there was just less of it.  I didn’t plan to go to the gym, in fact I was a bit sore from the squats (as I’d fully expected), though I did buy some creatine and whey protein.  While most of the countless muscle-building and weight loss supplements are worthless, these two really do work.

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