Wednesday, March 5 – Thursday, March 6

Happily returning to yoga

I’d have to characterize both of these workdays as “much easier than average.”  I was done by 2:30 each day, a full hour before normal quitting time, though I still get paid for a full day.  Being three and four days into the current two-week cycle is really paying off, as I can accomplish my tasks at a quick rate.  As for the next cycle, beginning the week after next, I haven’t any idea, as I don’t yet know what it will involve.

Wednesday marked my return to yoga, after missing last week.  It turned out that the instructor hadn’t been there last week herself, as she had been on vacation.  Maybe she was still in a mellow frame of mind after her trip, but for some reason she wasn’t quite as rigid as usual.  I made it through the session no trouble.  If missing a week set me back in any way, it wasn’t apparent.

Thursday I made a trip to the gym, which I would have to say was the most crowded I’ve ever seen.  Pretty odd, given that Thursdays usually aren’t that bad.  I started out with the Hammer Strength plate-loaded dips, doing 2 x 8 x 320, 3 x 8 x 330, and a cool-down set of 8 x 270.  Then came Life Fitness seated incline presses, 5  x 8 x 230.  I tried doing some barbell bench presses but my left elbow wasn’t having any part of it.  What I think causes the pain is the way my hands are positioned when holding the bar, with my palms facing away from me.  On the machines my palms are turned inwards facing each other, and that seems much easier on my elbow.  Next time I’ll try benching with dumbbells and see how that goes.


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