Monday, March 10 – Tuesday, March 11

Back to another old favorite

Both days at my main job were about as easy as I’ve ever had.  The tasks I’m doing during this two-week cycle are easier than usual, and now that I’m in the second week of the cycle I can do them quickly. On both days I left around an hour earlier than usual, though of course I still get paid for the full shift.  Not a bad deal.  Another nice thing was that both worksites were fairly close to me, with no traffic issues.

On Tuesday I had a 4-to-9 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  It was one of my last shifts before moving into the new assignment in the garden area. As my regular duties were fairly light I helped out in the lumber department, and also did some general customer service around the store.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting impatient waiting for the new assignment, but the shift really seemed to drag by.  It was as if 9pm would never come.

When I went to the gym on Monday evening I wanted to do leg work, but once again was worried that doing squats would make me too sore for Wednesday’s yoga.  Wanting something more than machine work, I decided to give deadlifts a try.  It’s been months since I last did any.  Not wanting to overdo things, I kept the weights light: 6 x 225, 2 x 6 x 245, 6 x 225.  While for most exercises 24 total reps isn’t much, deadlifts are so tough that they’re an exception. I also spent a while on one of the stationary cycles.

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  1. I love deadlifts. Like you did, I’ll sometimes do nothing but DL’s and go for 35 reps over approx 6 sets. It works so many muscles so 25-35 reps is a good amount. I don’t lift nearly as much as you.

    Still doing the neutral grips pullups?

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