Monday, March 17 – Tuesday, March 18


Monday was not one of my better days.  Did I insult St. Patrick or something? It was the first day of a tw0-week cycle at my regular job, and as such took longer than usual.  That’s to be expected, but because I was going into the Major Home Improvement Retailer for an 8pm to midnight shift, and wanted some time in between jobs to rest and do other things, every minute of delay seemed  to drag.  One fortunate thing is that there had been a change in worksite to one that’s closer to me than the originally scheduled site.

At 8pm I dutifully trooped off to the MHIR to start my new duties.  It was a bit confusing at first because there was no one to tell me exactly what I was expected to do, but after about 45 minutes I got the necessary instruction.  The work was hard, more physically demanding than what I’d been doing, but really not bad.  For the second two hours of the shift the store was closed to customers, which actually made it easier to get things done.  It looked like it would be a decent shift … until around 11:15, when things got markedly worse.  While moving a heavy shelving unit I managed to squash the tip of my right index finger.  It hurt more than I ever would have expected and began bleeding quite a bit around the nail.

I went to the first aid box and bandaged my finger the best I could.  Somehow I was able to complete my shift, and when I got home the bandage had completely soaked through with blood.

When I got up on Tuesday, the second bandage I had applied the night before was once again soaked through, and the pain had gotten worse.  It’s funny how knocking one finger out of action greatly reduces the usefulness of the entire hand 🙂  Working at my regular job wasn’t easy, but I was able to manage.  It helped that it was a much easier workday than Monday had been.

While by the afternoon I figured that my finger would heal without any medical intervention being necessary, to be on the safe side I went to the MHIR and filled out an accident report.  That would enable me to get workers’ compensation if it turned out that I needed medical care after all.  In addition, there was no way I’d be able to work the 8-midnight shift, and I wanted to make that clear to management.

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