Saturday, March 15 – Sunday, March 16

Saturday I made a trip into Manhattan for a get-together with a a few other fans of the Uncouth Reflections blog and Facebook site.  It was scheduled for 6:30 at the Blue Smoke barbecue restaurant on East 27th Street. As I haven’t spent much time in Manhattan in the past few years, especially if you don’t count those 5am work assignments several months ago, and the weather wasn’t bad, I decided to arrive early and walk around for a few hours.

Normally I would have taken the train from Ronkonkoma, but due to weekend track work that would have required a lengthy bus ride, so instead I got a ride to Patchogue and took the 12:35 to Babylon, where I changed for a Penn Station train (the person driving me did some work on my car when I was in the city).  There was a pretty good crowd on the train, though that was likely due to part to the situation on the Ronkonkoma line.  Some of the passengers were dressed in green, obviously on their way to some pre-St. Patrick’s Day bar-hopping.  It was an easy enough ride, and the change at Babylon was quick.  One nice thing about the Babylon line is how the elevated tracks allow for some nice views along the way.  The train was what I suppose one would call a semi-express, making about half of the stops along the way.

After arriving in Penn right on time a bit after two, I spent the next four hours walking around Midtown, a sort of aimless wandering with no particular destinations in mind.  A good way to explore, I’d say.  Later on I hung out in Madison Square Park for a while, bemused at the massive line for the Shake Shack hamburger stand.  Are its burgers really that good?

As for the gathering itself, it featured fine conversation, strong drinks, and okay if not outstanding food.  We left Blue Smoke around 9:30, and although some of the others planned to go for drinks elsewhere, I made my farewells and headed back to Penn Station.  I wanted to get the 10:15 to Babylon, which with the connection would get me back to Patchogue just before midnight.  Staying out longer wasn’t really an option as I had a nine-hour day on Sunday at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  Besides, as the trains got later they’d be less pleasant with all the revelers returning home.

Speaking of Sunday, it indeed was a very long day what with my nine-hour shift.  It’s the last time I’ll be doing my current duties, before switching to something else on Monday.  It wasn’t really a bad shift, just long.  I’m looking forward to the shift.

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