Wednesday, March 19 – Thursday, March 20

Grinding me down

Ugh.  Both of these days were really hard ones at my main job.  Wednesday in particular was surprising, as I was at a worksite in eastern Suffolk that’s usually one of the better ones.  It turned out instead to be an illustration of Murphy’s Law, with everything that could go wrong, going wrong.  I ended up staying quite a bit longer than usual. Normally, that would have cut things fairly close in terms of making it to yoga on time, but with my injured finger still rather painful I decided to skip yoga.  It’s not that you use your fingers so much during yoga, but my concern was that the soreness would be distracting and my session would suffer.

Thursday was just as tough as Wednesday, but because the worksite near Exit 57 is always one of the more complicated ones on my rotation, I wasn’t particularly surprised.  In any event, I didn’t mind as much because it was the last day of the week for the regular job, and over the next few days I had just a couple of 4-hour shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.

As I was heading to the gym on Thursday evening I was facing a bit of a quandary.  My finger was just painful enough that I didn’t really care to handle any weights.  Should I limit myself to leg work?  What I finally decided, literally as I drove into the parking lot, was that for the next couple of weeks or so I’d take a break from weights.  That’s a good thing to do every so often, and it’s been a while.  Instead, I hit the stationary cycle and did a reasonably fast-paced 30 minutes.  I’m going to concentrate on this, also possibly the elliptical, during my time off from weights and see how that goes.



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  1. Hurt my finger too. This was in February. So I did nothing but squats for three weeks on Mon/Wed/Fri. No cardio. After three weeks my b/p and RHR improved and jeans loosened.

    Took four weeks off from weights to do cardio sprints. Going back to gym Sunday for neutral grips, squats, and inclines.

    Be interesting to see if you lose mass doing nothing be cardio.

  2. I suppose I might lose a bit of mass, but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds and my muscles probably could use a break.

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