Monday, March 24 – Wednesday, March 26

A one-day calm before the storm

Mondays are few peoples’ idea of a favorite day, but of these three days it was by far the best for me. No, this is not a sign that I’ve flipped out or anything, it’s merely because it was the only day in which I actually worked just one job.  Monday marked the beginning of the second week of the two-week cycle at my regular job.  It was slightly different from usual in that it wasn’t at my usual worksite, but rather the one where I’d been last Monday.  Due to operational concerns the schedule for the two sites had to be reversed.  This doesn’t mean much, in fact it means nothing at all, just that it was a decent way of breaking up the monotony. Or something like that.  Anyway, Monday was a decent day at work, and in the evening we tried out the recently opened P.F. Chang’s at the local mall (very good). This didn’t give me an opportunity to go to the gym, which unfortunately was not so good for reasons soon to become apparent.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both two-job days.  I worked at my regular job from 8 to about 3, and after a break of several hours headed off to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for the 8 to midnight shift.  Logically this shouldn’t be too bad.  I’ve worked at both jobs in the same day many times over the past few months, and as the MHIR shifts usually were from 5 to 9 I had only a short break between jobs.  That wasn’t bad, but somehow the longer break followed by the 8 to midnight shift is much harder on me.  I don’t believe it’s because of the later quitting time.  A more likely explanation involves the length of the break between jobs.  Being off for several hours gets me out of work mode, so to speak, making it all that much harder when I have to trudge back into work. It’s mental rather than physical, in other words.

Now, the between-jobs breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday left me with enough time to go to the gym.  Which unfortunately doesn’t mean that I actually went.  Once again, it’s more mental than physical.  In all my many years of gym going it’s always been something I do after work or on days off.  True, many people are in the habit of exercising before work, that’s why the gym opens at the ghastly hour of 4 am, but I’m not “many people.”  Going before work seems way too odd even when the work is at a nonstandard hour.  Whatever the case may be, missing a few days isn’t going to be an end-of-the-world situation.  Next week I’m working only ten hours at the MHIR and will have ample opportunity to hit the gym.


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