Friday, February 28 – Sunday, March 2

Call this the weekend that wasn’t.  I had a seven-day workweek courtesy of the Major Home Improvement Retailer, which scheduled me for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Usually I just work Fridays and Sundays and have Saturdays off.  Believe me, missing that day off makes a big difference.

After doing a whole lot of nothing during the day on Friday, I worked from 4 to 9.  It wasn’t too hard of a shift, as these things go. As my regular workload was fairly light I did some jack-of-all-trades work in other departments (and most assuredly master of none).  By the time I left I was still quite energetic and figured out that I’d be fine even though I’d be working for several hours on Saturday.

As if.  My Saturday shift was from 9 to 2:45, and I spent a good part of it assisting customers in loading their vehicles, which is a physically demanding and surprising complicated function.  Many people purchase items that are too large to fit readily into their vehicles, and getting them to fit requires a combination of force and finesse.  Another part of my duties involved rounding up shopping carts from the parking lot and placing them into corrals and into spaces on the store apron.  It sounds simplistic, but for the fact that the Major Home Improvement Retailer has four different kinds of carts, and they have to be properly allocated by each store entrance.

By the time I was finished with the shift I was pretty well worn out, yet being it a Saturday I still had a number of errands to run.  Somehow I made it to the gym, for a very brief session doing back work.  In fact all I did was the Hoist moveable-seat row machine, 6 x 8 at resistance level 17 out of 18.  Not much, but it should be a “holding” action even if not particularly effective in terms of muscle-building.

Sunday was my long shift, 10 to 7.  Suffice to say that it was a very busy shift, and by the time it was over I was barely able to stand upright.  Working seven days a week is not something I can handle, I know my limits, fortunately this situation shouldn’t recur.

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Wednesday, February 26 – Thursday, February 27

No yoga this week

Both workdays were moderately but not excessively busy.  Wednesday was the tougher of the two, though fortunately it was at a close-by worksite.  On Thursday, I deviated from my usual rotation to go back to the same place where I’d been on Thursday of the previous week, to finish some incomplete tasks.  I had thought it would be a short workday, with any luck I’d finish up by noon or so, but that was not the case.  I actually had to work the full duration.

Wednesday is my usual yoga night, but unfortunately I was much too achy from Monday’s squats.  This does not mean that I will always have to let more than two days elapse between squats and yoga, for as I become more accustomed to squats my recovery time should be faster.  Or so I hope.  I did manage to make it to the gym on Wednesday evening for upper-body work, actually chest and shoulders work, I’ll do back work on a different day.  Hammer Strength plate-loaded dips: 5 x 8 x 320.  Life Fitness seated incline presses: 4 x 8 x 210.  I had planned to return on Thursday for back work, but other things intervened and by the time I was done I was just too worn out for the gym.  There’ll be another day.

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