Monday, March 31 – Tuesday, April 1

Now that was unexpected

Please note the date in the heading.  Monday was March 31, in other words it was almost April and a week into spring.  A time when it should be getting warmer and, you know, spring-like.  So imagine my surprise when I got up Monday morning to the sight of snow.  Not just a few wet flakes, either.  There was over an inch on the ground and it was coming down heavily.

Now, talk about bad timing, my worksite was near Exit 57 on the Expressway.  Meaning I’d have to drive several miles with the flow of rush hour traffic.  That’s always a distinctly unpleasant experience, and I knew full well that the snow would make things that much worse.  And it did.  Oh yes, it sure did.  It took me nearly 40 minutes to cover the six or so miles from exits 61 to 57.  While some of that time was spent at a dead stop, for the most part traffic was moving … very, very slowly.  Trying to get off before 57 and taking the service road wasn’t an option, as at many points I could see cars backed up endlessly on the service road.

Despite my best efforts, I made it to the worksite about ten minutes late, fortunately that is not a major issue in my job.  It’s just that I really hate being late.  During the morning the snow got even heavier, and by the time it stopped shortly after noon at least five inches had fallen.  And this is almost April? Fortunately there were no traffic woes getting home.  I had planned on going to the gym, but instead we ended up making a repeat visit to P.F. Chang’s.  Word of advice: the Mongolian Beef is excellent.

Tuesday was blessedly free of traffic dramatics.  No April Fool’s joke on the roads.  The worksite was off Sunrise Highway, and I had no particular difficulty getting to or from it.  In the morning there was still some snow on the ground, but by the afternoon it was pretty much all gone.

My troublesome finger being much better, I ventured out to the gym on Tuesday evening and did some back work.  In a blast-from-the-past moment, I decided to start out with an old favorite, one-arm dumbbell rows, keeping  it fairly light as I’m not accustomed to this exercise: 2 x 8 x 75/75, 2 x 8 x 80/80, 2 x 8 x 85/85.  I should be back up to the 100’s in no time.  Then came T-bar rows, 3 x 8 x 135.  To end the session, I did shrugs on the standing calf machine, 3 x 10 x 250.

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