Monday, April 7 – Tuesday, April 8

Why is it so hard to find parts?

I’d have to say that both of these days were quite hard and high-pressure at my regular job. Not that I’m trying to over dramatize or anything, I wouldn’t say that they were horrible, but they definitely were tougher than usual. What’s a bit odd is that there was no single reason for this state of affairs.  It wasn’t as if one factor accounted for everything.  It was more like a number of small factors combined, though that’s probably not all that uncommon a state of affairs.

I wasn’t working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on Monday, which isn’t to say that it was an easy evening.  Over two hours were devoted to an ultimately fruitless wild goose chase trying to locate a tool essential for working on a family member’s car.  It’s funny.  With Amazon and other sellers offering quick, ofter overnight, delivery of just about anything, car parts and tools can be difficult to acquire.  What, are they not “just about everything?”

Tuesday I did the 8 to midnight shift at the MHIR.  It was literally a very dirty time, as I spent much of the shift gathering and trying to tape up ripped bags of topsoil.  My poor apron was filthy by the time I left, not that it was too clean to begin with.

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