Monday, April 14 – Wednesday, April 16

Is this supposed to be a vacation?

Monday marked the start of my week-long “vacation” from my main job.  I use the quotation marks because if you’re not getting paid it’s not a real, quotation-mark-free vacation.  Not that I should complain too much, because (a) I knew long in advance that I’d be off this week, and (b) the Major Home Improvement Retailer is giving me plenty of hours. It won’t make up for all the lost pay, but it will help for sure.

My very long weekend of work at the MHIR left me pretty well devastated on Monday.  All morning I was dragging myself around and was in absolute dread of the upcoming 8 to midnight shift.  By early afternoon I had recovered a bit of energy, just a bit, and decided to do some back work at the gym.  One-arm dumbbell rows weren’t going to happen, nor were T-bar rows at the weights I’d been using.  After giving the matter some thought, I decided to try T-bar rows at a reduced weight, and did 5 x 8 x 100.  I know, that’s down 45 pounds from last time, but I simply didn’t have the energy to muster anything better.  On a happier note, or notes, we had an early dinner at P.F. Chang’s, excellent as usual, and my four hours at the MHIR were pretty easy.

On Tuesday, I didn’t do much of consequence for much of the day, which suited me just fine.  It’s a “vacation,” right? What I did do in the afternoon is go to hot yoga for the first time in way too long.  I’ve rarely attended a 4pm session, and to my surprise today’s was absolutely jammed.  All those bodies made the room even hotter.  It all worked out well, however, as I had no trouble making it through the entire session and my flexibility hasn’t deteriorated too much.  My balance was a different story, missing over a month has definitely been a setback as far as balance is concerned, but nothing too bad.  My MHIR shift was a bit more difficult than Monday’s, but still easier than usual.

Wednesday was when I finally got back to a reasonably serious gym session.  I started with dumbbell bench presses, this time being able to use a fixed flat bench rather than one of the more awkward adjustable ones.  My first thought was to start with the 80’s, but at the last minute I threw caution to the winds and went for the 85’s.  It went well, and I was able to do 5 x 8 x 85/85.  Only on the last rep of the last two sets did I struggle, and even then it wasn’t too bad.  Next came shrugs on the standing calf machine, which I’d forgotten to do on Monday: 4 x 10 x 290.  I finished with Hammer Strength plate-loaded rows, 3 x 8 x 340.  That wasn’t a weight increase from last time, I’ll have to add weight next time.Wednesday night’s MHIR shift, the usual 8 to midnight, was another fairly easy one, about on par with Tuesday’s.

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