Monday, April 28 – Tuesday, April 29

Do they balance each other out?

Monday was one of the worst days I’ve had at my main job in months.  Many months.  In part this was because there was a very high volume of work that had to be completed by the end of my shift, and partly because I kept encountering several organizational obstacles.  Basically, it was seven hours of almost nonstop frustration.  About the only good thing is that I had more energy than would have been expected after working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer all weekend.  Also, the worksite wasn’t far away.  But these are minor factors.  It was a bad day, no question about it, and even though I wasn’t scheduled to work at the MHIR in the evening there was just no way I could have dragged myself to the gym.

Fortunately, Tuesday was a much better day all around. The worksite was a bit further away, but everything went fine.  The volume of work was much more reasonable, the working conditions were much better overall, and Monday’s organizational obstacles were nowhere to be found.  I was done for the day by 2pm, and my plans were to unwind for a while and then make a quick gym trip before going into the MHIR at 8.

Or so I thought.  I found out around 5 that my evening shift had been cancelled.  I can’t say it was particularly surprising.  I was supposed to be on garden recovery duty, in other words getting the garden area back in shape after the day’s customer traffic.  As it was cloudy all day, with temperatures more suited to early March than almost May, it was a safe bet that there weren’t many garden customers and hence little need for recovery work.

I took advantage of the situation my making my brief gym visit a much longer visit. My plan was to start out with one-arm dumbbell rows, but because all the benches were in use I began with shrugs on the standing calf machine, 4 x 10 x 330.  A bench having become available, I did the rows, 5 x 8 x 95/95.  Moving up to the 95’s was no trouble, and next time I’ll try the 100’s for at least one set. Normally I would have done T-bar rows next, but that particular apparatus was in use, so instead I did pulldowns on a Life Fitness machine, one I’ve never used before, 3 x 8 x 110.  It wasn’t bad, I might try it next time.  I then decided to finish with some biceps work, something I’ve been neglecting, and did EZ curls, 3 x 8 with a 50-pound bar.  As this is not a regular exercise for me I kept it light.

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