Saturday, April 26 – Sunday, April 27

Two days spent working 3:30 to midnight at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  While in theory that schedule leaves me with several hours before going into work, as a practical matter it’s hard to make any productive use of that time.  On a day when I work until 3 or so at my main job and then go into the MHIR at 8, I find that the between-jobs time actually can be useful.  I’d say the difference is that knowing I have to go in for just an 4-hour shift is somehow less burdensome (in mostly a psychological sense) than is knowing I have to go in for more than twice that long.

For the first few hours of my shift on Saturday it was bright and sunny, and the outside garden area was jammed with customers.  I was very busy indeed.  Then, very suddenly, it got cloudy, the temperature dropped rapidly, and it began to rain.  That of course meant that the outdoor customers vanished, though I had work to do in the inside garden area.  This included selling a couple of expensive, top-of-the-line gas grills, though naturally enough I don’t earn commissions.

On Sunday I did some customer service work, but for most of the shift I was packing out freight, as there was a big push to clear out the receiving area in anticipation of some large deliveries on Monday.  While I was able to find shelf space for many items, for others I had to climb ladders to put them in the overhead storage areas.  Funny, it seemed as if the heavier the item, the greater the chances that I’d have to hump it up a ladder. Not that I should complain too much, as the shift seemed to go by more quickly than usual.

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