Wednesday, May 7 – Thursday, May 8

Heading east

On Wednesday it was off to my scheduled workplace that’s located to the east.  Eastern Long Island was my stomping ground during my late and very unlamented days in life insurance, however today I rarely go that way other than on my biweekly visit to this worksite.  It’s one of the better sites on my schedule, as the workload generally isn’t too bad and it’s in more orderly shape than some other ones. Most of all, though, it’s the fact that to get to and from the site I’m driving against the main flow of commuter traffic.  That’s a nice treat.

On Thursday I was supposed to be at a site not far from Exit 57, but instead got rerouted to one that’s also off to the east.  This one, off Sunrise Highway, is not on my usual rotation though I’ve been there before.  I was glad enough to have gone there, as it’s an easier site than the one I’d been scheduled to go to, and once again I got to drive against traffic.  I started at 7, instead of 8 like I usually do, and the one-hour difference definitely made the day seem to go a lot faster.

Normally, I would have been working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer from 8 to midnight on Thursday, but my shift had gotten canceled earlier in the week.  I went to the gym and did upper-body work.  As all the flat benches were occupied and looked as if they’d be that way for a while, I decided to skip dumbbell bench presses.  And truly, my enthusiasm for that exercise is flagging.  I started on the plate-loaded seated dip, 4 x 8 x 380. Unless I can wrangle up some of the scarce 100-pound plates, that’s the highest weight I’ll be going on that machine, as the weight arms aren’t long enough to hold anything else.  Next came flies, 8 x 130, 8 x 145, 8 x 160, 8 x 175.  I then decided to do some overhead presses, a sort of exercise I’ve been neglecting for too long: 8 x 95, 2 x 8 x 105, 8 x 95.  Yes, I know that’s not much weight, but it takes some time to get used to the overhead pressing motion.

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