Monday, May 12 – Tuesday, May 13

From bad to good

Monday was an awful, awful day.  While the sore throat that had bothered me over the weekend had not worsened, my energy level on Monday was so low that I could barely make it through the workday.  This was not ordinary tiredness that everyone experiences at work from time to time, but extreme exhaustion that made even the simplest tasks an ordeal.  What was really strange about the situation was that I had had a relatively easy weekend, with no 8-hour shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  Maybe it was that I hadn’t had a full day off. Whatever the case, the only saving graces were (1) the worksite was only a short drive away, and (b) I wasn’t working at the MHIR in the evening. In fact if I had been scheduled there I would have had to call in.

Tuesday was a better day all around.  I got a text early in the morning re-directing me to a worksite to the east. It was off the Sunrise Highway, though not as far as the one I had been to on Thursday.  My energy level was much higher than it had been on Monday, though still not quite up to normal, and I made it through the workday with no trouble.  Later that evening, it was off to the MHIR for an eight to midnight shift.  This was a bit unusual because I was assigned to plant-watering duty for the first time. Watering plants for four hours is much harder than it might sound.  Not only are there a LOT of plants to be watered, but reaching the ones in the temporary display area in the parking lot required setting up a network of hoses and connections.  I was lucky to have another worker show me what to do, as I had gotten no official instructions or training.

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