Saturday, May 17 – Sunday, May 18

It’s sort of hard to think of these two days as a “weekend” when (a) I worked both days and (b) I will have off most of the coming week.  In effective, they have been transmuted into weekdays.  But whatever, I’ll stick with the customary terminology and say weekend.

On Saturday I worked the 8 to midnight shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  There still were quite a few customers in the garden department when I arrived, and most of the first hour to 90 minutes involved waiting on customers.  I like doing that sort of stuff, especially now that I know enough about the department to be reasonably useful when customers ask questions.  Which they do, all the time.  In many MHIR departments contractors comprise a significant percentage of the customers.  They rarely need assistance, and often know more about the products than many of the employees.  The garden department’s different, with most customers being homeowners who are relatively unfamiliar with the products.  After the store closed I did general merchandise handling, in particularly getting the flowerpot and planter aisle in order.

Sunday was a longer shift, 3:30 to midnight, and like Saturday involved multiple duties.  For the first four hours I divided my time between waiting on customers – and there were plenty of them, believe me! – and “flagging” for an employee who was using a forklift to bring pallets of garden supplies (mulch, topsoil, potting soil, stone chips, and so on) from the storage area along the driveway outside the store into the outside garden area. Upon returning from my “lunch” break at 8, it was off to plant-watering duty.  This went easier than it had done a few nights earlier, in part because I had a better idea of what I was doing, and in part because there were some new, better hoses for me to use.

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