Wednesday, May 21 – Thursday, May 22

That was a lot of driving.

Two workless days, as I’m off this week from my regular job and wasn’t scheduled either day at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  Which does not mean that these were idle days, not by a long shot. During the day on Wednesday I didn’t do all that much, but around 4pm left to drive a family member to LaGuardia Airport. He was going on a one-day trip to Chicago. Even though we were going against the main flow of traffic, the Long Island Expressway was busier in the westbound direction than I would have expected.  Though not, needless to say, anywhere near as bad as what it was like eastbound. We drove most of the way in the HOV lane, which unlike its counterparts in many places operates in both directions during rush hour.  It came in handy, though we still encountered a bit of stop and go traffic in western Queens right after the HOV lanes end.  Even with this traffic the 50-mile drive took about 1:10, which was less than I had been expecting.

It was about 6:20 when I left the airport and I knew that rush hour traffic would be in full force during my trip back.  And of course the HOV lane wouldn’t be an option.  In a modification of the Panera Bread Strategy that I had used when driving back from worksites in Connecticut and Westchester, I found a Burger King not too far from the airport and hung out there for about a half-hour.  It was after 7 when I resumed my trip, taking the Grand Central/Northern State Parkway through Queens and Nassau and then switching to the Expressway for the rest of the way.  Traffic was a bit sluggish in a couple of spots but really wasn’t bad.

Upon returning I went to the gym for a chest and shoulder session.  I really wanted  to do some dumbbell bench presses but of course all the benches were occupied and looked as if they’d stay that way for a while. It mystifies me why management doesn’t add a couple of benches, there is ample floor space available.  Trying to make the best of the situation, I started out with flies, 4 x 8 x 175, followed by dips, 5  x 8 x bodyweight, and then dumbbell shoulder presses, 3  x 8 x 40/40.  As far as I could tell none of the benches ever were free.

Thursday was definitely not a fun day.  I had to take care of some matters at the DMV, which seemed to be slower-moving than usual if such a thing is even possible. Then in the evening it was back to LaGuardia, which would have been okay except for the fact that the flight was delayed over two and a half hours by weather.  This meant waiting in the airport for almost three hours, an experience I do not care to repeat anytime soon: it was quite hot, there were skells sprawled around, and of course the parking was obscenely expensive.  By the time I got back it was well after 2am, I’m sure glad it wasn’t a workday the next day. At least there was no traffic to speak of on the Expressway.

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