Tuesday, May 27 – Wednesday, May 28

Where’s the truck?

The one that hit me, I mean.  At least I think a truck hit me, based on the way my body feels.  These were two very tough days for me.  Tuesday was the start of a new two-week cycle at my regular job. That always makes for a difficult workday, and Tuesday was especially difficult because the new cycle is more complicated than what I usually experience.  In addition, because of schedule changes from the holiday, I spent the day at a worksite that’s always one of the busier ones.  At least it was close by.  Under normal circumstances, I would have made it through the shift in reasonably intact conditions, but after two long days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on Sunday and Monday these were scarcely normal circumstances.

But wait! As tough as the day was at my regular job, things only got worse.  After a way-too-short break I was back at the MHIR for an 8 to midnight shift.  As I trudged in, I had no idea how I’d make it through four hours.  Maybe it would be a easy shift?  Not a chance.  It turns out that a Big Boss was scheduled to visit the MHIR the next day, so everything had to be made absolutely ship-shape.  Doing so involved, inevitably, hauling heavy boxes up ladders into overhead storage areas.  Guess who did that for almost four hours straight?

Wednesday was a bit different at my regular job, as rather than going to my scheduled worksite I got a text very early in the morning redirecting me to another one.  I had to start at 7 in the morning rather than my usual 8, though this actually wasn’t too bad.  It wasn’t as bad a day as on Tuesday.  Partly this was because it was the second day of the cycle, which invariably is easier than the first, and partly because the worksite was one I’ve been to only once or twice before.  That gave it a real but hard-t0-define novelty factor that seemed to make the day go by quickly.  In addition, starting at 7 meant an earlier finish to the day.  For a while I though maybe I’d make it to the Wednesday hot yoga, but alas exhaustion overtook me.  My hours at the MHIR in the next couple of weeks will be fewer than they have been, around 16 hours each week instead of the 24 I’d been doing, so I will have more chances to make it to yoga.

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