Thursday, May 28 – Friday, May 30

A rare Friday workday

I spent both of these days working at sites not in my usual rotation.  On Thursday, I was some distance to the east, off of Sunrise Highway, a location where I’d been a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a relatively long drive but against the main flow of traffic, so I had no trouble either coming or going.  Driving 20 miles in light traffic is preferable to five miles in heavy traffic even when the travel time is the same.  Something about the frustration of crawling along on a road built for speed. The workday itself went by okay, nothing out of the ordinary, though my 8 to midnight shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer was pretty hard.  Nonstop, all sorts of heavy lifting and carrying, the usual stuff.

I wasn’t scheduled at the MHIR on Friday, but it wasn’t a complete day off because I worked during the day at my regular job.  Because of the holiday on Monday the usual Monday-Thursday schedule was Tuesday-Friday.  The worksite was close by, however it was a rather long and difficult day.  Basically, a series of minor frustrations that weren’t so minor once added together.

Later in the evening on Friday I made it to the gym.  What I decided was to take a week or two off from weights, to allow some minor soreness to heal, and concentrate on weight loss exercise.  Accordingly, I tried out one of the high-tech ellipticals and spent 30 minutes on it, going over a “mountain” course.  I started out with a relatively low resistance level, 4 out of 20, but gradually increased it until I ended up at level 18.  All I can say is that 15 and above are very tough!

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