Monday, June 2 – Tuesday, June 3

New location

On Monday I had the relatively rare experience of spending the day at a worksite where I’ve never previously been.  Well, almost never been.  Around a year ago I was at that location for a very short amount of time, something like 20 minutes to a half hour.  Not enough to count.  It turns out that it was a pretty decent location in which to spend a day.  It wasn’t a long drive at all, no more than 15 minutes in a generally southerly direction. My workflow was somewhat different than on the rest of this 2-week cycle, but it went smoothly and the people at the site provided the resources I needed to get my work done.  I was done fairly early in the afternoon, and had hopes of going to the gym, but my energy level dropped like a stone in the early evening and the gym was pretty much out of the question.

Thursday’s worksite was about 20 minutes to the east.  While it’s yet another one not on my usual rotation, I’ve been there a number of times.  The workday didn’t go quite as smoothly as Monday’s, in fact I ran into an obstacle early on that nearly brought the day to an early end (which would have been reflected in my paycheck), but eventually things worked out and I put in a full day.  Being more energetic than on Monday, and a whole lot more determined, I went to the gym in the evening and had another session on the high-tech elliptical.  Like last time I did 40 minutes, but used higher resistance levels.  In fact I “climbed” 5,500 feet on a virtual mountain, 1,500 feet more than last time.  My goal is 6,000 feet in 40 minutes.

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