Saturday, June 7 – Sunday, June 8

Saturday was an unusual day for me as I worked from 9 to 5:30 at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  In the six months I’ve worked there it was the first time I’ve ever started in the morning, as far as I can tell.  Working these hours was interesting because it gave me a chance to see a different aspect of weekend traffic patters in the garden department.  The first hour or two weren’t particularly busy, but then there was a nonstop influx of customers that didn’t begin to let up until around 3, which is normally about when I start. It made for some very hectic times, hustling back and forth with multiple people seeking my attention.  If you’d asked me in advance I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be able to cope with such an influx with any degree of competency, but somehow I managed.

Saturday evening we went to the monthly poetry reading at Roast coffeehouse in downtown Patchogue and then had a late dinner nearby.  Just a few years ago downtown Patchogue was pretty much a dump, but now it’s definitely a hopping place in the evening.  There are several big municipal parking lots just off the main street, that used to be mostly empty, now it’s hard to find a spot on the weekend.

Sunday was much more conventional.  After doing not much of anything in the early part of the day, I went to the MHIR at 3:30 and worked until midnight.  The first four hours, when the store was open for business, consisted mainly of conventional customer-service work.  It was fairly busy but nothing at all like early Saturday afternoon.  For the last four hours of my shift I worked on packing out deliveries that had come in over the past few days.  Mostly I concentrated on the cleaning-products aisle. Physically packout duty can be rather tough, when it involved humping products up ladders in the overhead storage area, but I’m usually able to get into a rhythm that makes the time pass fairly quickly.  Tonight, fortunately, was no exception.

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