Monday, June 16 – Tuesday, June 17

A “weighty” return

Two very ordinary, uneventful days at my main job.  There were a few complications on Tuesday, but nothing too much out of the ordinary and I still managed to leave at my usual time.  Monday there wasn’t even that minor bit of drama.  Actually, the most noteworthy thing about both days was that the worksites had very poor cell reception, which meant that my phone – fully charged when I arrived – was dead, or nearly so, eight hours later.  This was not attributable to heavy use, in fact because I was working I barely used the phone at all.  As I understand it, when a cell phone is in an area with a very weak signal it automatically searches for service, which drains the charge at a rapid pace.  What I’d really like to know is why Verizon Wireless has such spotty service in a densely populated suburban area.  If I were out in a very rural location it would be one thing, but I’m not.

I went to the gym on Monday evening, and after a couple weeks of using just the elliptical I decided to tiptoe (so to speak) back into weights.  What my idea is to alternate sessions between weights and the elliptical.  Monday was a back and biceps session, with relatively light weights.  T bar rows: 3 x 8 x 115.  Standing calf machine shrugs: 3 x 10 x 330.  Hoist moveable-seat row machine: 2 x 8 at resistance level 16 of 18.  Hoist moveable-seat biceps machine: 3 x 8 at level 11 of 18.

Tuesday night it was back to the Major Home Improvement Retailer, and like on Sunday I arrived an hour early for by 8 to midnight shift to complete some computer training.  I ran into a snag with one of the training sessions, and am literally one question away from completing a six-hour training module.  I’m not sure what the snag is all about, I might be reading the question wrong but I don’t think so.  If I can’t work this out next time I’ll have to speak with a manager.  The rest of the shift went by quickly, so I’m grateful for that.

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