Friday, June 20 – Sunday, June 22

Friday marked a one-day return to something that used to be a regular part of my life but has been sporadic at best for the past several years.  That’s right, I rode the Long Island Rail Road.  With my car in for service, and therefore time on my hands, I got a ride to Ronkonkoma and took the 10:11 to Penn Station.  As a non-rush-hour train it was not particularly crowded, with no one occupying the seat next to me, but because of groups traveling together it was noisier than rush hour trains with their mostly solo riders.  It got to Penn right on schedule about 11:30, though the ride seemed longer what with all the stops along the way.

I spent the next few hours walking around the Midtown South area, a pleasant outing thanks to the very nice weather.  What wasn’t so nice was the clot of shills for various sightseeing bus lines at many corners.  At some corners near Penn there were over five of them!  Even so, it was a nice way to spend some time. I took the 3:15 to Ronkonkoma, which is actually the second train to that destination in just eight minutes.  As far as I know the 3:07 and the 3:15 serve different connections at Jamaica, hence the close scheduling.  What it means is that while the 3:07 can be crowded, the 3:15 is usually pretty empty, or at least that was my recollection from years ago.  I was right. Later in the evening I worked 8 to midnight at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, a pretty easy shift as those things go.

Saturday was a day off. I did some errands, went to the gym for 30 minutes on the high-tech elliptical, but mostly did nothing.  Sunday I was back at the MHIR for a somewhat unusual 11 to 5:45 shift.  It was busy, with a more or less steady flow of customers, and that seemed to make the shift go by quickly.



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