Wednesday, June 25 – Friday, June 27

Still recovering

It was on Wednesday that the effects of Tuesday’s 15-hour workday really hit me.  In many respects this is to be expected, as the adrenaline – or, more likely, sheer force of will – that had carried me through Tuesday had pretty much worn off by then.  Another factor, which in retrospect might have been even more important, is that Wednesday in and of itself was a tough day.  I spent just under seven hours at my regular job, and though the worksite was fairly close-by it was a more difficult day than usual.  No actual crises, just a series of low-level issues that demanded my attention almost nonstop. And then, no rest for the weary, it was back to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for yet another shift.  To be sure, it was from 8 to midnight, not another 3:30 to midnight marathon, but it still made for an 11-hour workday.

Thursday was my birthday, and thankfully I had to work only at my regular job.  It was at the most distant worksite, about a 30-minute drive to the east on the Sunrise Highway, but as is typical for that site the work went okay.  Later on, we had excellent chicken parmigiana, and went out for Italian ice.  By 9pm I was pretty well exhausted, no doubt from having worked 26 hours in the prior two days … or maybe I was just getting old 🙂

Friday was a day completely off from both jobs.  Thank God.  I really, really needed a break.  While I really should have gone to the gym, or maybe yoga, I was just too beat.  At least the day wasn’t a complete waste in physical terms, as I hiked for about an hour at Sans Souci park.  It would have been nice if there had been some hills, but it still was decent.  And I probably wasn’t yet in any frame of mind for rugged exercise.


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