Saturday, June 28 – Sunday, June 29

“Time wasting” is the most apt term to describe these two day.  Not entirely, of course; I worked at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on Saturday, and did some interesting stuff on Sunday, but all in all I spent way too much time aimlessly diddling around on the computer.  Not that I have any reason to regret this.  It isn’t as if I have some sort of imaginary daily to-do list that’s in addition to all the actual things I have to do.

While Saturday’s shift at the MHIR was mainly routine, one incident early in the shift starkly illustrated that I’m not completely over all the turmoil I experienced when in the straight commission life insurance pyramid scam.  I was helping a customer buy a gas grill, a transaction which would require some processing at the service desk. The desk workers were swamped at that particular time, and after a wait of maybe three or four minutes the customer said “You know, I’ll come back tomorrow” (customer-speak for “Ha ha, you lose, schmuck!”)

It sent me into quite a funk even though I get no commissions and am not on any quotas. Had something of this nature happened in the life insurance scam, I would have made no money and an idiot manager would have scornfully said that I lost the sale because I didn’t have a “positive mental attitude.” Ugh.

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