Monday, July 28 – Wednesday, July 30

So that explains it

Monday was the start of a new 2-week cycle at my regular job.  I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be as brutal as the last cycle had been.  Fortunately, I was right.  While it would be an exaggeration to say that Monday was an easy day, it really wasn’t that bad.  I ended up staying about 45 minutes past the usual quitting time, compared to two hours last time, and I even was able to take my normal breaks. This cycle is clearly going to be challenging, but not overwhelming like the last one.  After a break of a few hours I headed into the Major Home Improvement Retailer for an 8 to midnight shift.  It wasn’t a bad shift as these things go, I spent the first 90 minutes watering the plants and then did some freight packout.

Tuesday was spent at the easiest worksite on my current rotation, it being the easiest because it’s also the smallest.  At least it should have been the easiest.  A variety of small issues kept cropping up, none too serious on an individual basis but a bit of a pain when added together.  Even so, with a bit of scrambling I was able to get everything done by the normal quitting time.  My lunch break was a little shorter than usual, but nothing too bad.

Later in the evening on Tuesday I went to the gym.  My plan was to do back work, specifically T-bar rows.  Because the floor-mounted apparatus was in more or less constant use I decided to go for the chest-supported one: 8 x 90, 8 x 100, 8 x 115, 8 x 120, 8 x 125, 8 x 100.  Next, I did some Hammer Strength MTS High Rows, 3 x 8 x 90/90.  As it was still fairly early I had planned to do more work, but all of a sudden my energy level started plummeting.  Weird.

It was on Wednesday that the reason for the prior evening’s sudden energy loss became clear.  Almost from the start I had the sort of run-down, achy feeling that means the flu or something of that sort.  I was able to make it through the workday okay at my regular job, even though it was a busier site than the day before, though I was a bit slow and clumsy at times.  It was at the subsequent 8 to midnight shift at the MHIR when things got really bad.  My aches and pains were constant and quite severe, the aspirin I had taken having been about as effective as a handful of M&M’s (but less tasty).

I struggled through everything I did, yet still made several mistakes.  Had I been a newer employee I probably would have gotten fired, no joke.  It took an eternity and a half for midnight to roll around.  I had to text the district manager at my regular job, to inform her that I wouldn’t be able to make it in on Thursday.  This was something I absolutely did NOT want to do, as it won’t help my application for promotion and in any event will mean the loss of a day’s pay.  But I knew that getting up in a little over five hours and working a full day just wasn’t going to happen.

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