Thursday, July 31 – Sunday, August 3

Four (mostly) lost days

Wednesday’s suspicions that I had been coming down with the flu were indeed quite accurate.  Or something like the flu, something that caused all sorts of lethargy with almost-constant aches and pains.  Ugh.  I couldn’t do much of anything on Thursday or Friday, venturing out only a few times and only briefly.  Any misgivings I may have had about missing work on Thursday quickly evaporated.  There wasn’t a chance in a million that I could have made it through an hour of work, let alone a whole workday.  My absence probably won’t impair my chances of getting the promotion, at least not to any meaningful degree.  I’ve scarcely ever been out in over two years with the company.

On Saturday morning I was somewhat better, though I wasn’t about to go and compete in a triathlon or anything.  Well actually I was scheduled for a noon – 9pm shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, which in my current state was something akin to a mini-triathlon. The first couple hours went okay, but then I started losing strength, fast.  It didn’t help that there was a pretty much nonstop flow of customers.  At my lunch break from 4:30 to 5, I ventured out to a nearby 7-11 and had a cup of watermelon chunks, about the only food that interested me at all.  As soon as I came back I knew that I’d never make it to 9.  By that point it was a struggle to stand upright.  Finally, at 5:45 I threw in the towel, so to speak, and told the manager that I’d have to leave.  She was fine about it and even offered to drive me home if I didn’t feel capable.  It’s not far, and I was able to drive myself okay.

Sunday things were much better.  While I still wasn’t back to normal, I was in good enough shape to get my usual errands done, and in the mid-afternoon we had a family outing to Red Lobster.  I don’t know why everyone seems to rag on Red Lobster.  Everything was quite good and the prices, if not inexpensive, are reasonable.

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