Monday, August 4 – Wednesday, August 6

Normalcy, what a wonderful sensation

After having been so sick last week it was a wonderful feeling to get back to something approaching normal.  Just being free of the constant aches and pains that had plagued me was a real joy.  On Monday, I wasn’t 100% back to normal, still being a bit weaker than usual though the aches were gone, but I had no trouble making it through the workday.  Which actually means more than it might seem, as it was a fairly tough workday.  It shouldn’t have been, being the second half of the two-week workcycle when things usually get easier, but a number of unexpected things came up and the volume of work was greater than usual.  I ended up staying a short time beyond my usual quitting time.

Tuesday was slightly easier at work than Monday had been, but was still moderately difficult. Without letting on too much, the best I can say is that the worksite did not prepare for my arrival as they should have, and with the lack of preparatory work on their part it was harder on my part.  I’ve gotten the impression that the management at this particular location doesn’t really welcome my presence, not because they don’t like me as a person but because they don’t appreciate the services I provide.  Fortunately they have no control over my presence, that being a home-office decision, and while at one time I might have cared about what they thought I’m long since past that stage.

Wednesday was the easiest workday of the three by far.  It’s the location where I spend two days instead of one, which means that it’s often a very low-pressure, almost leisurely day.   I was done well over an hour earlier than usual.  Which gave me more than ample time to get into the right frame of mind for – yes! – hot yoga.  Last week had been a complete washout because I’d been sick, but I finally was ready to take the plunge (or, more accurately, roast) once again. It wasn’t easy making it through the session, as I had to lie on the mat and rest a couple of times (as did several other people), and my balance seems to have deteriorated a bit, but all in all I’m very glad I went.

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