Wednesday, August 13 – Friday, August 15

Miracle yoga recovery

After Tuesday’s workplace struggles I was hoping against hope that Wednesday would be easier.  Dealing with another lousy day would be very low on my favorite-things list.  Things ended up, well, sort of in the middle.  It wasn’t a good day, but it wasn’t bad either.  Guess that’s okay.  Just getting into work was a bit of an accomplishment, as torrential morning rains caused flash flooding and many road closures.  I saw a couple cars that had been caught in low spots and almost completely submerged. By the time I left, everything was fine.  My plans to go to the gym got sidetracked by some other things I had to do.

Thursday was definitely a step up, way up, in terms of being an easy day.  It was at the most distant of the worksites on my rotation, about 20 miles to the east, but traffic wasn’t an issue.  Work went very smoothly, none of the snags I’d been encountering, and I was able to leave over an hour before the usual quitting time. 

I decided to go the 8pm hot yoga session on Thursday.  When I had gone on Wednesday of last week I hadn’t done particularly well, with my balance and stamina both lacking.  Not this time. I had one of my better sessions, being able to make it through the 90 minutes without having to rest and with much better balance.  It could be the different instructor this time, or it could be that last week I still hadn’t been physically 100%.

Friday was my one day completely off this week.  It was nice weather, especially in the first part of the day, so I decided to hike for a while in Sans Souci County Park.  It’s flatter and less challenging than the Setauket-Port Jefferson trail but still quite nice.  I occupied myself by identifying the various tree species along the trails (mostly pitch pine, scarlet oak, white oak, and sassafras). Later in the day I went to the gym for bench pressing: 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 4 x 205, 3 x 4 x 225, 8 x 185.


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