Saturday, August 16 – Sunday, August 17

Another semi-weekend, the semi part being because I worked at the Major Home Improvement Retailer both days.  Saturday really wasn’t that bad, as I worked from 8:30 to 1.  As far as I can recall, that was the earliest I’ve ever started at the MHIR.  It wasn’t busy at first, I’ve heard from other workers that early-morning traffic is mainly a weekday thing, but by 10 it was getting steadily busier.  I assisted customers in the Garden department and also did some reshelving of returned items.  One thing about the MHIR is that it has a very liberal returns policy, and as a result there always are many returns.  It’s a competitive thing, customers like being able to make returns with no questions asked and will go elsewhere if that isn’t the case. In the early evening I made a short gym visit and – drumroll please – actually did some deadlifting.  I’ve gotten away from doing that exercise, but now that I’m trying to get back into the swing of regular gym going I figure I should be doing either deadlifts or squats (preferably both, but that’s asking a bit too much).  I kept things very light, doing just 4 x 4 x 225.  Not much weight, not many reps, but deadlifts aren’t the kind of exercise you can jump right into without starting slow.

Sunday was a longer workday at the MHIR, 10 to 5:30, and even though it was only two hours longer than Saturday had been it somehow seemed far longer.  It was busier than it had been on Saturday, except in the last hour or so.  In addition to my usual work in the Garden department I also helped out for a while in Lumber and Building Materials.  That’s a bit more difficult for me because I haven’t had nearly as much training, but I managed okay.

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