Wednesday, August 20 – Friday, August 22

Continued yoga progress

Wednesday and Thursday were fairly easy days at my main job because I spent them both at the same worksite.  Having two days at the same site makes for a nice break at the end of the work cycle.  Wednesday was not a super-easy day, to be sure, and in fact I stayed until my normal quitting time.  It was, however, lower-pressure in a fairly clear manner.  I knew that if I were unable to finish all my allotted tasks it wouldn’t matter because I’d get another chance the next day.  As things turned out, I got a bit ahead of the game on Wednesday and consequently had a very easy day Thursday.  By 11am, four hours after starting, I was completely finished with all my work.  I did a few other things to occupy myself until noon, which is about the earliest I can leave and still get paid for the full day.

Although I had gone to hot yoga on Thursday of the prior week, this week I figured I’d better go on Wednesday because I’d be working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer on Thursday (more on that soon). I went to the 6pm session, which was quite crowded and had an instructor I haven’t seen before.  She might be new.  It turned out to be an excellent session, one of the best I’ve had.  While I can’t say my balance was perfect, it’s definitely still a work in progress, it was a lot better than I had been expecting.  My stamina was very good too.  Everything just fell into place, and I’d also have to say that the instructor was very good.

As for the MHIR, on the weekend I had agreed to work the 8 to midnight shift on Thursday evening for another employee.  He said he would square it away with the scheduling person.  Well, when I arrived on Thursday evening my name wasn’t on the written schedule, nor was it on the online schedule, and the senior employee in the garden department (in charge of the shift as the department head wasn’t in) didn’t know about any hours switch.  I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I wasn’t going to be working. 

On Friday, my day off from both jobs, I decided to check out the Bayard Cutting Arboretum not far from me, a state park with thousands of magnificent tree specimens. I haven’t been there in several years.  Well, one thing that’s happened in the intervening years is that the formerly free park now has an obscene $8 parking charge.  On grounds of principle I would not pay.  Taxes are high enough already that it is an outrage to charge for parking. Does the state need the revenue?  No doubt it does, but you see the solution is not to raise “user fees” but to cut spending! So, no arboretum for me.  Next day off I might try parking at the Great River LIRR station about three-quarters of a mile away and waking to the arboretum. 

To console myself, I went instead to the nearby Sans Souci park, which is much less spectacular but has the virtue of being free … for now. Later on I went to the gym for more deadlifting: 4 x 5 x 225, 5 x 245. 


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