Tuesday, September 2 – Wednesday, September 3

The daily grind

Tuesday and Wednesday were not among my better days. To put it very mildly.  Tuesday was a tough day at work, every time I thought I was done more things would crop up like Whack-a-Mole.  For a while it looked as if I would have to stay as much as two hours past my normal quitting time.  Things got a bit more orderly in the afternoon and I ended up staying only a half-hour longer than normal.  Given how hectic the day had been, however, it felt much longer.

In the early evening I had a bit of energy and decided to go to the gym for some back work.  It actually went quite well.  Barbell rows came first, 5 x 8 x 165, and then T-bar rows, 4 x 6 x 135.  Due to some knee pain, from what I don’t know, I decided to skip shrugs on the standing calf machine and instead did some using a ground-based deadlift/shrug apparatus, 3 x 10 x 230.  I didn’t much like that device.

It was just after leaving the gym that I found out that it would be necessary to make another trip to Queens, follow-up stuff related to Monday’s trip.  Or should I say two more trips, as I’d also have to go there on Wednesday too.  I was not pleased. To put it mildly. The only good thing is that by leaving after 9pm, I was able to make the 100-mile round trip in just over two hours.  That would have been impossible during rush hour, to put it mildly!

One saving grace on Wednesday is that work was a lot easier.  I worked at a steady pace, with no annoyances popping up, and even though my workday was only a half-hour shorter than Tuesday’s it seemed like it was hours less.  As for my trip into Queens, by leaving at 5pm it took me almost 90 minutes, I was surprised at all the westbound traffic on the Northern State Parkway. Though for sure it was nothing like the endless horror show in the other direction.  I left Queens about 7, which meant that I was able to miss most of rush hour.  The return trip was a bit over an hour.

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