Thursday, September 4 – Friday, September 5

My day off that wasn’t

Thursday wasn’t a bad day.  In fact, it was pretty good. It was the second day at my two-day worksite, and as such it presented no particular issues.  While I wasn’t able to get out before my usual quitting time, I really didn’t mind too much.  And I definitely appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to make any more trips into Queens like I had over the past three days.

Like I did the prior week, I went to the 8pm hot yoga session.  It was the same instructor as last week, and I have to say that I really like her style.  She works everyone hard, but doesn’t act like an amateur dominatrix, and isn’t as much as some of the others into the spiritual journey stuff.  She instead treats the session as a form of exercise.  That’s more my style. I did well again, making it through the entire session without having to rest and with my balance and flexibility at least as good as it had been last time.

As for Friday, while that’s usually my day off, this week it was a different story as I went to the worksite that’s usually scheduled for Monday.  It was a relatively tough day, nothing terrible but not as easy as an actual day off would have been.  It will be another week until I have a day off from both jobs. Ugh.

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