Thursday, September 10 -.Friday, September 11

So excited about the weekend … ha ha

Thursday was the end of a very tough week at my regular job.  I was at the most distant of my regular work sites,  about 25 miles to the east. It’s such an easy site that I usually finish up an hour or even more early.  Today I finished at my usual time, which I guess is the way it should be but still is an indication of just how tough this cycle is. Monday is going to be very hard as it’s at a much more challenging site. At least I will have a weekend to recover … oh wait, I’m working full days both Saturday and Sunday at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  Never mind.

Thursday evening I went to what has become my usual hot yoga session. It went really well, in fact I’m quite (pleasantly) surprised at the progress I’ve made. For just about the first time ever I often can maintain my balance for the full duration of a one-legged position.  My flexibility has increased too, if not quite to the same extent.

Friday was an honest to real day off,  the first since Labor Day.  I was out and about quite a bit, but in keeping with the day-off theme tried not to do anything I really didn’t have to do.  Guess I succeeded.

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